This was a project for GMD-202, a publication design class at Centennial College. The goal was to create a newsletter for students. Centemetal is a newsletter run by students who are into heavy music. It would discuss local bands, tours coming by Toronto near the college, provide music recommendations, and have a section for those looking to meet up and write music together. Metal communities are niche, and because of that many people form bonds and connections through it. This newsletter is a way to bring those individuals together, give them something they care about, and promote a shared subculture.
To visually communicate this I made sure to make the newsletter bold and high contrast. I chose to use two colours to further emphasise contrast as well as lower printing costs. The grungy texture on top of the newsletter was created by myself using charcoal, a dull blade, and a scanner. The overall design was given sharp, rhythmic shapes similar to the sharp, driving rhythms you experience when listening to metal. Before I even began placing content, I created the dark shape containers and arranged them in a way that was exciting and dynamic.
This was also converted into an interactive PDF for online viewing. Elements like play buttons underneath "New Music" and a link to Ticketmaster under "Tour Dates" were clickable, and visible in the below images.
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