Designed the Centennial College photography program 2024 graduation portfolio. Communicated with the printer and delivered a print-ready PDF in correct colour profile. Organized and coordinated with the graduating students to receive their photos. Edited bios for spelling and grammar. Communicated with sponsors, providing them specs and placing their advertisements in the book.
Centennial's photography program produces commercial photographers, not fine artists. Their goal is for a student to graduate and be able to enter the workforce or start their own business. This book is a celebration of the students' work, but it is also a promotional piece. It gets sent to suppliers for potential sponsorships, the college board of governors, and other groups and individuals with the intent of garnering support for the program. It's also used as an advertising method for potential students.
To that end, this project aimed to create a clean, curated, and professional looking book using a grid based design and clean typography. As a photography book, the photos are the main driver — the design supports them.
Used InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
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