Compostopedia was my thesis project to cap off Centennial College's graphic design program. We had to research our local community, figure out an inititative to benefit that community, and then design an entire campaign around that initiative.
At the time I was a newcomer to Winnipeg, and was shocked to learn that they don't have curbside composting. The goal with this project was to empower individuals to learn how to compost themselves, accomplishing three goals: reducing carbon footprints, improving food security, and reconnecting with the land. You can view this in detail in the overview section, which also includes some demographic information, competition research, and a brief stakeholder analysis.
Included in these pages are brand guidelines as well as a variety of applications including a website and mobile app. The assets for this project were real fruits and vegetables that I hand printed, then scanned.
Created with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Figma.

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