This was a project completed for GMD-300, Data Visualisation & Infographics at Centennial College. We had to choose a topic and create an infographic based on that. I chose transgender & gender-nonconcorming violence in North America as mine — it's an important issue and something that's close to me. Along with showing the data, my goal was to create a narrative that touches on three main points.
Firstly, the sheer scale of violence. Many are aware that the community is marginalized and targets of hate, but the level of violence is much higher than you might think.
Secondly, that it's not only immediate violence that the community faces, but discrimination and harassment on a societal level. Transgender hate by political groups and institutions normalize this violence.
Lastly, that there are solutions to the hate. Policies and attitudes of inclusiveness can greatly increase the quality of life of gender-nonconforming individuals. Ending on a positive note and call to action is important, showing individuals that there is a way forward.
Various resources are listed for those in need of immediate assistance.
See the animated version below:
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